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In the last two decades, food safety and food quality issues have become major priorities for every sector involved in food production in Canada.  Nowhere is this more evident today than at the primary stage of production — on the farm.

Canadian farmers have always produced safe and high quality products, but the changing marketplace is asking farmers to prove that they are producing food the way they say they are. Since the mid-1990s, Canada’s farmers have taken a proactive approach to securing the safety and quality of their products. Incorporating a “farm gate to food plate” philosophy, farm organizations began to develop on-farm food safety programs to help producers better manage food safety risks on their farms and to provide producers with the opportunity to document their practices in order to provide proof.

The on-farm food safety programs are based on the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), an internationally recognized approach that focuses on how to monitor, control and prevent the food safety risks.  Good Production Practices (GPPs), are the foundation of the national on-farm food safety programs.

Working in close consultation with government and other stakeholders, farmers are more dedicated than ever to meet the distinct expectations of today’s consumers and global markets.


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