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This Saskatchewan-Alberta Organic Producers Directory is a jointly funded effort undertaken by your local Organic Farmers in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

There are over 1400 organic producers in Saskatchewan and Alberta producing everything from large green lentils to certified organic lamb.  Consumers looking for healthy organic foods, farmers looking for certified organic seed, grain buyers with orders to fill have all been asking for a central directory with all of this information.  In response, Organic Farmers across Alberta and Saskatchewan united and developed this centralized database of Canadian Organic Farms in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Supporting the Buy Local experience!
For consumer convenience, we have built in a farmgate /buy local section that unites consumers with their local organic producers who participate in the buy local/consumer-direct sales initiative. Many organic producers farmgate their products, meaning you can come out to their farm, meet the farmers who grow your food and purchase directly from them.

Simplified Access/ Streamlined Shipping
Today, consumers, grocers and wholesalers can simply tap into this Organic Growers Directory and access the exact organically grown commodities they need, exactly where they need it, exactly when they need it!

Seed Search
Organic farmers looking for seed can access this Directory to find seed in their area or hunt for that hard to find garlic or hemp seed.

Search the Directory for grains to fill your orders.

Thank you for insisting on Canadian Organic Food!

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